Sri Lanka, Sigiriya - Lion's Rock

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  1. Sigiriya looks fantastic! Sri Lanka has been on my bucket list for really long, hopefully, I will be able to visit in 2018. Bookmarking your post, thanks!

    1. My photos don’t do Sri Lanka justice. I was shooting with a ‘poor man’s DSLR’ last trip. I want to go back in the future and capture its true beauty!

  2. wow, this is such an amazing trip and that rock formation is really beyond compare. It is very huge, but very stunning at its right. I love all your stunning photos as well, you must have a good eye for any subjects. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. I’ve never been to Sri Lanka, so thanks for providing this snapshot! Lion’s Rock looks cool, because of those giant paws:) Would love to have my Lion King moment there!

  4. Sigiriya is definitely on my bucket list., now even more so that i have read this post. I would love to see the ancient Aspara Fresco Paintings. I have heard so much about them!

    1. The Aspara Fresco Paintings are not in the best condition so you shouldn’t expect too much. But if you appreciate them for their age and history they are quite remarkable! I hope you have the chance to visit!

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