Motorcycle in China

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  1. In the US, I have a driver’s license to drive a car, but not a motorcycle. Do I have to earn a motorcycle license here in the US in order to qualify for a motorcycle license in China?

    Also, I’m wondering why you chose to explore the mountains and countryside in China by motorcycle instead of by car. Would it also be convenient to visit the obscure places in China by car? Or, would parking be too much of a hassle?

  2. In answer to your first question, no you don’t already need motorcycle endorsement on your US license. Please carefully read the paragraph under the heading “Step one: get your documents processed and approved.”

    In answer to your second question, well, some things if you don’t already know them no one can explain it to you; though I will add that in many of the places I’ve traveled it is hard to find a parking place because the yaks already have them filled up.

    Perhaps you might take another look at part one :

  3. Do you, by any chance, know if there is a way of taking the computer test in English for motorcycle license in Beijing?

  4. Hi,
    how about insurance – this is the one thing i heard stopped many foreigners driving in china. Nice to risk it but quite irresponsible in the long run? do you have any knowledge of insurance for bikes?\

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