Cost of living in Taipei / Cost of living in Taiwan

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  1. But you have to pay insurance etc. I wanted to come to Taiwan to work and stay.

    I need a job to cover for my insurance back home, so I need a job that pays the same back home. I read that it is seems tough.

  2. If you work in Taiwan you wouldn’t need to keep insurance back home, unless you have a specific health problem that Taiwan’s National Health Insurance doesn’t cover.

    I’m not sure where home is for you but health insurance in Taiwan is a dream come true compared to coverage in the states. It’s partially subsidized by your employer as well which is nice. I’m out of the country this year and paying for the coverage on my own and it’s only $28 per month 😀

    1. Pretty interesting information but my advice to anyone living aboard or not LEARN HOW TO COOK if you don’t know how. But overall good info now my question is how the WOMEN? I would prefer have at least a friend to spend time with on learning the life style among other things.

      1. Yes, cooking is a vital skill for anyone to have! But if you’re living in a kitchen-less apartment you might be out of luck 😀

  3. im lookin forward for a masters scholarship in taiwan, the scholarship inlcudes; airfare, housing, tuiton fees, credit fees, insurance, texbooks cost and allowance for 15,000 NT, with all that covered, im trying to figure out if 15,000 NT is enought to live while im studying abroad or if i would need more, im very intrested on your point of view.


  4. Congrats on your scholarship! If everything besides food and personal expenses are paid for, your money could be enough but it might be tough. You will need to keep a tight budget and eat cheaply. You will have 500ntd per day for food and personal expenses.

    An average local meal will cost around 100ntd, but a hamburger at a restaurant could cost 300ntd. When I budget well I spend around 300ntd on food and a coffee each day. So it is possible for sure. I just worry that it will take some time to learn where to buy cheap food and things. It took me a little while to get used to life here and I spent more than I needed to in the begining.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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